Let's be very up front about this:

I am looking for serious students only. This means actors who already have a gig or serious actors who need brushing up.

I have been teaching acting and voice since 1965. I studied under some of the great theatre speech and drama teachers of the 20th Century, including Edith Warman Skinner, Robert Parks, Mary Lou Kramer, Lew Palter, Richard Jennings, Robyn Hunt, and Gene Eaker. I've been acting since I was four years old and hold a Terminal Degree in College Theatre Education.

The important part is that, if you give me your full attention and effort, I can have you sounding and acting like a professional. If you are a professional, I can help you dig deeper.

My fee is $125/hr.

Call me at 1-864-884-1066. I live in South Carolina and entirely loathe flying. I prefer for you to come to me, if you can. (There are many very nice hotels from Spartanburg to Greenville and the weather is tolerable most days.)

- Dick Anderson



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